Matrix Drops Protocol

The Matrix Drops Protocol

„Atomic flash in human holographic mapping.
Decoding the quantum physics of the mind and body.”
Matrix Drops

Physical problems are often the reflection of the invisible etheric body fields. The
Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) helps  to discover and explore the invisible worlds within us, which clearly shows us our problems on different; energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul and spiritual levels.

In a higher dimension, one can only reach  a state of equilibrium when the proposed problems are found and treated accordingly. Understanding and causing things to change  are  the only way to solve it. Matrix Drops is essential and will provide us the help necessary to tune our etheric body levels. Achieveing a quality lifestyle by fixing all the distortions in our body is simply the first step.
Matrix Drops Protocol (MDP) includes the necessary changes:
When quality development stops in one’s life or gets blocked, moves towards a quantitative change. This can lead to „overproduction” of the cells. Recommended diet: avoid all gluten, milk, egg (egg white only), soy, margarine, sugar, soda (drinks) based food, including anything treated with hormones and antibiotics in the meat section. Avoid also trans fats, aka fried foods.
The restoration of information blocks, accumulated radioactive materials and harmful chemicals in the body with Matrix Drops. Many feels their autonomy gets damaged as a result of vaccinations.
MDC can detect these information blocks and the computer recommended MDs can correct it.
Undreground water vines - Hartmann grid
Underwater veins and Hartmann-grid detection at home and in our work environment.
We can continuously make improvements in our lives, which is essential to synchronize the environment with our human being, organization. Harmful geopathic factors affecting our sensitive energy fields; Hartmann-grid, Underground water veins, mapping and avoidance of them.
Spiritual charge through the power of nature, true ideas, extraordinary and world trips.
„Exploration of confusing entities in the environment and further assistance.”
Recognizable information blocks in the aura.
Spirits attached to humans are defined by science as a ’shadow person’.
In the world of quantum physics they are entitled as ’entities’.
Radiated energies from the Earth and stars are analyzed with the Fourier series.
MDC uses the same analogical method after the examination of the 108 elements that make up our human body. Energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul and spirit disporders, distortions  can be detected this way.
Under specific  ligthing conditions the Earth’s aura is visible to the eye, and well known as ’rainbow’. On the contrary, modern technical equipments don’t need specific  ligthing conditions because they can perceive the electromagnetic field and photon radiation of the aura.
Based on Mendeleev’s periodic table, the decoding solution of the 108 elements building up our body with MDC according to our level of consciousness and state of life.