Matrix Drops

Everything that can be sensed is only a teeny part of reality.
The Matrix Drops Inspired from Heaven, made on Earth

 We are introducing the relationship between the modern quantum physics human model and the Matrix Drops information drops which was created to bring it into harmony.
Matrix Drops – Kovács – Magyar IldikóPeople are made up of the largest number of elements among earthly beings. As a symphony sounds beautifully by the well-tuned musical instruments, our beings can also operate harmoniously with the perfectly tuned elements. How?
As the invisible worlds and energy fields of the living beings have undergone disturbances, after a while it projects to the body where they produce visible, touchable and measurable differences.
After exploring the causal factors and their possible elimination, the perfect, original elemental information is invoked to tune and freshen the disturbances in the level of elements.
I have already dealt with the storage of vibrations of the sacred places, and I am continually setting store by it. Note that Matrix Drops supplement with the vibrations and information of the universe.
After several years of research, success in transferring and fixing information into water and other liquids was achieved. Stored information was created not only with their primary elementary characteristics, but also with direction giving and the ability to combine with other elements. This is how we get to Matrix Drops which can revise the human’s “seven fields” (physical, energy, feeling, thoughts, relationship, soul and spiritual body).
The alchemy, guarded by the Knights Templar, reveals the secret of this, which, today, is still useful information for us. Thanks to the spiritual knowledge of the knights, the energies and powers within rocks can be liberated and multiplied. This valuable knowledge has been raised to a higher level by the help of quantum physics. Matrix Drops, through energy, get control over our visible and invisible worlds.
Kovács – Magyar András és Kovács – Magyar Ildikó
Matrix Drops also affect the behavior with the harmonization of our bodies. If the frequency is correct, we do not need external tuning, but if the rhythm is upset, we adapt the vibration of the carefully selected matrix Drops.
The boundary of the intimidation of the body is the physical suffering. Beyond this point man escapes to the soul and they are unavailable to untrained people. Almost without exception, every man likes the beautiful and noble things but we can be most amazed by that which was created by the Creator. This pure creative power is carried by the Matrix Drops. We are sure that the Creator controls the wonders created by him. Information falls within the first realm of divine nature. Their manifestations are that they are able to exert such a dynamic power – in a non-radioactive way - , getting through all fields of energy, emotional blockades and material in an unobstructed way.
The goal of Matrix Drops:
Live our life such that we enjoy living.
The resonance of harmony
To date researching methods for storage of resonances from sanctified places has been of ever growing importance for Matrix Drops. The Matrix Drops is complete with essential resonances from the universe, elemental information, and behaves in our body like waves created by a stone thrown into water which traverse from shore to shore. It attempts to maintain harmony and with its energy potency it makes an impact on our invisible and visible worlds. It complements, fills up, and supports with its ingredients where other methods cannot help.
Everybody who believes in the power of nature should try any of the Matrix Drops products and look for messages impregnated in the drops. Choose from our selective collection of products the one that personally fits an optimal corrective therapy for individualized protection of spiritual, emotional and physical state. The Matrix Drops are applicable both internally and externally, recommended before any sort of consumption, and about 15-20 minutes prior to smoking, tooth brushing, and food or beverage intake. This is the amount of time necessary to automatically resonate with information in the drops. We don’t promise or guarantee anything, since all of us can have surprises if we are way too sure about our life perceptions! We don’t maintain sick patients, but we have participants with desire to learn, change, and also awaken from their unconsciousness to a higher state of mind.
Matrix Drops
MATRIX DROPS - The true creating power
Almost without exception, everybody likes beautiful and noble things; however we are almost certainly amazed by God’s creations. These pure material energies are contained in the Matrix Drops. We are sure about God’s safeguarding of its creations. This information belongs to the first kingdom of divine nature. Creations are shown through their capability of dynamic power emission; not as radiation, but rather unhindered permeation and penetration at all energy levels, emotional, and material.
As a symphony only sounds well when played with perfectly tuned musical instruments, similarly our soul only works well when perfectly tunned with elements for harmonized function. Perfect tunning between our “seven bodies” creats balance as a whole. This balance has an impact on our happiness, and as a result of that on our entire lifestyle.
The heavenly machine
The heavenly machine here on Earth

The modern quantum physic-physical, emotional and spiritual completeness
Almost all manifested materials with their resonance patterns create their own existence. From all earthly creatures the human being is the most developed one, who manages to control and harmonize in itself the most material. The materials that build up the human body are among hundred and eight elements. All of the materials contain a characteristic message or resonance pattern, and information coordinated by remarkable human body.  In the celestial existence of human’s seven bodies: “physical, energy, emotional, mental, relation, spiritual and intellectual”, disturbances can erupt.  These can come either from internal or external impacts.
The ideas are shapes and energy forms, namely the energies that can form or shape reality. There are problems and crisis in life that can be created in our invisible world and later can be reflected on our physical body. With the harmonization of the fields, barriers disappear and all the seven bodies begin to function in accord. Today, all science acknowledges that one of our major problems is the unhappy and stressful life. The intimidation limit of our physical body is within the suffering experienced. Thereon, the person escapes and hides in the soul and becomes unavailable, uninitiated, and avoids involvements with people. Disturbances within the invisible world and energy fields after a certain period of time reflect on the physical body, becoming visible, tangible and can crate measurable differences. It happens that the disturbance of the fields can be shown and corrected up to years or months before signs on physical body indicate it.
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