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Matrix Drops products at the service of plants - aura strengthening information patterns

Matrix Drops QuintessenceIt’s a proven fact that plants have a certain awareness. They are able to send information to each other, interpret and react. They communicate with people, animals and other plants.

But their capacities weaken due to the extensive use of fertilizers. For example, they produce substances that attract the bees or they emit electrical waves to other plants to warn each other of the approaching danger. They destroy parasites with their protecting substances. It’s amazing what they are capable of. If we could strengthen these natural protective abilities, we wouldn’t need fertilizers in the future. Fact: the heavy metals in chemicals attract fungi.

Spraying with the targeted Matrix Drops information lowers the plants’ heavy metal levels, therefore the infection can be lowered too. Other pests leave the pastures as a response to the use of the appropriate Matrix Drops. It’s common knowledge that pests and fungi avoid plants with a strong big healthy aura and they attack the weaker ones. Controlling living creatures’ auras is possible with radiesthesia methods that can be learned in our schools in a few hours. Subsequently, the aura growth is obvious to everybody.
The Matrix Drops are an alignment possibility for the plants out of balance due to environmental damages. With the Matrix Drops products documented and accredited by NEBIH, many people’s dream for a much needed widespread organic farming and extensive outstanding plant cultivation can come true.

2001. Plant conditioner – Soil and plant information trace element pattern (recommended for every application)
Plant conditioner – Repel pests information pattern
Plant conditioner – Fungal infections information pattern
Plant conditioner – Growth problems information pattern
Plant conditioner – Injuries information pattern
Plant conditioner – Prepare for ample sunshine or when sun stroke is expected information pattern
Plant conditioner – Prepare for spring frosts (in case of need recommended daily) information pattern
Plant conditioner – In case of lot of rain, inland inundations, over watering information pattern
2012. Plant conditioner – Distress elixir information pattern (in case of absence of the owner)
2013. Plant conditioner – Cleansing after winter and spring information pattern
2015. Plant conditioner – Assist budding of flowers information pattern
2016. Plant conditioner – Linden trees information pattern
2017. Plant conditioner – Cacti information pattern
Plant conditioner – Grass information pattern
Plant conditioner – Thuja trees information pattern

Special information Patterns:
2050. Plant conditioner – Humic acid (Humicum acidum) information pattern
2051. Plant conditioner – Fulvic acid (Fulvicum acidum) information pattern
2036. Plant conditioner – Grape powdery mildew (Oidium tuckeri, Uncinula necator) information pattern
Plant conditioner – Grape peronospora (Plasmopara viticola) information pattern
Plant conditioner – Spotted wing midge (on grape) (Drosophila suzukii) underlie information pattern
Plant conditioner – Botrytis fungus (on grape) (Botrytis cinerea) underlie information pattern
Other fruits, vegetables:
2040. Plant conditioner – Brown rot (Xanthomonas) underlie information pattern
2041. Plant conditioner – Fire Blight (Erwinia amylovora) underlie information pattern (+2028 Plant conditioner – BFV recommended as complementing information pattern)
2043. Plant conditioner – Repel Agriotes (Agriotes ustulatus) information pattern
2045. Plant conditioner – Repel Potato tubeworm (Phthorimaea operculella) information pattern
2047. Plant conditioner – Repel Codling moth (Cydia pomonella) information pattern
2063. Plant conditioner – Alternaria leaf spot (on potato, tomato) (Alternaria solani) underlie information pattern
2065. Plant conditioner – Potato, tomato diseases (Phytophthora infestans) underlie information pattern
Essential main components and trace elements information patterns:
2023. Plant conditioner – Nettle (Utrica urens), iron deficiency (Fe) information pattern
2027. Plant conditioner – Selenium deficiency information pattern
2034. Plant conditioner – Sulphur (S) information pattern
2052. Plant conditioner – Coal (C) information pattern
2053. Plant conditioner – Silicea (Silica) information pattern
2054. Plant conditioner – Chlorine (Cl) information pattern
2055. Plant conditioner – Phosphor (P) information pattern
2056. Plant conditioner – Manganese (Mn) information pattern
2057. Plant conditioner – Zinc (Zn) information pattern
2058. Plant conditioner – Nitrogen (N) information pattern
2059. Plant conditioner – Magnesium (Mg) information pattern
2060. Plant conditioner – Magnesium-sulfuricum (bitter salt) information pattern
2061. Plant conditioner – Cobalt (Co) information pattern
2089. Plant conditioner – Oxygen (O) information pattern
2090. Plant conditioner – Natrium (Na) information pattern
2091. Plant conditioner – Potassium (K) information pattern
2092. Plant conditioner – Calcium (Ca) information pattern
For frighten pests and attracting their enemies:
2066. Plant conditioner – Predatory mite (Zetzellia mali Ewing – grape, apple, plum) information pattern
2067. Plant conditioner – Predatory mite (Phytoseius echinus Wainstein et Arutunian – apple, pear, grape) information pattern
2068. Plant conditioner – Predatory mite (Amblyseius aberrans Oudemans – apple, pear, quince, plum, hazelnut, walnut, raspberry, grape) information pattern
2069. Plant conditioner – Predatory mite (Typhlodromus subsoleiger Wainstein – apple, peach, plum, almond, grape) information pattern
2070. Plant conditioner – Predatory mite (Amblyseius andersoni Chant – apple, pear, quince, hazelnut, raspberry, black currant, walnut, grape) information pattern
2071. Plant conditioner – Predatory mite (Euseius finlandicus – apple, pear, quince, peach, plum, sour cherry, cherry, hazelnut, black currant, walnut, grape) information pattern
2042. Plant conditioner – American corn beetle (Diabrotica virgifera) information pattern
2046. Plant conditioner – Woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum) information patterm
2064. Plant conditioner – Repel aphids (Coccinella septempunctata, seven-spot ladybird) information pattern
2072. Plant conditioner – Repel Asian lady bettle (Harmonia asyridis) information pattern
2032. Plant conditioner – Repel Potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decimlineata) information pattern
2073. Plant conditioner – Repel bed bug (Cimex lectularis) information pattern
2021. Plant conditioner – Repel ants information pattern
2062. Plant conditioner – Repel mosquito, fly and other insects information pattern
2030. Plant conditioner – Repel slugs information pattern
Reduction of load caused by heavy metals:
2049. Plant conditioner – Copper (Cu) information pattern
2054. Plant conditioner – Chlorine (Cl) information pattern
2055. Plant conditioner – Phosphor (P) information pattern
2057. Plant conditioner – Zinc (Zn) information pattern
2074. Plant conditioner – Lead (Pb) information pattern
2075. Plant conditioner – Aluminium (Al) information pattern
2076. Plant conditioner – Titan (Ti) information pattern
2077. Plant conditioner – Nickel (Ni) information pattern
2078. Plant conditioner – Arsenic (As) information pattern
2079. Plant conditioner – Uranium (U) information pattern
2080. Plant conditioner – Germanium (Ge) information pattern
2081. Plant conditioner – Rubidium (Rb) information pattern
2082. Plant conditioner – Cadmium (Cd) information pattern
2083. Plant conditioner – Tin (Sn) information pattern
2084. Plant conditioner – Mercury (Hg) information pattern
2085. Plant conditioner – Radium (Ra) information pattern
For bees:
2019. Plant conditioner – Bee information, repel bee mite information pattern (constantly)
2020. Plant conditioner – Bee information, repel bee mite information pattern (once monthly)
With the use of Matrix Drops, the Matrix field can be restored.
Matrix Drops products at the service of plants, aura strengthening information patterns
Plants are vulnerable if they are weak Our goal is to get plants in a good energetic condition with the Matrix Drops products
Weekly spraying is recommended.

Matrix Drops can be diluted only in clean water.
To 1 L water 15ml (1/3 bottle) MD
To 10 L water 50ml (1 bottle) MD
To 100 L water 150ml (3 bottle) MD
To 1000 L water 750ml (¾ litre) MD
To 2000 L water 1500ml (1,5 litre) MD

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