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Natasa - golden retriever dog


When Natasa my golden retriever dog was 7 years old, she started to limp on her right back leg.

When I saw her bunny-hopping on three legs, I took her to the veterinarian. The vet diagnosed her with hip dysplasia. Natasa can be symptom and pain-free only after she undergoes an operation.


Natasa goldeb retriever dog – Matrix Drops


The veterinarian recommended a joint- eliminating operation because of the degeneration of the joint (arthrosis). In these cases by the removal of the damaged joint surfaces which are the source of pain in the hip a „false joint” is formed. (in case of Natasa they would remove the femoral head from the joint). This „false joint” can allow Natasa a pain-free movement, but the movement of the joint is more restricted than in a healthy case. The recovery time after the operation would have been three months. And physiotherapy of the operated leg plays an important role too.


We found the operation too drastic that’s why we did not choose the traditional treatment.


I have given my dog by the Matrix Drops Computer recommended Matrix Drops 3-4 times a day. She drunk it from my palms and we poured it to her drinking water too.


In two weeks her gait has improved and in eight weeks we have seen her full recovery. It happened two years ago. Since then she has been symptom-free, although she is 9 years old now. According to the vet these painful symptoms might intensify with the age.


I am very grateful to the Matrix Drops for the pain-free solution. Natasa did not have to undergo any surgery.


Lívia Zaicsek, Budapest, Hungary