My friend was cured of a breast tumor and stomach cancer

Akóts Zsolt
(Zsolt Akots, owner of a Matrix Drops Computer, recounted a story about his friend, a lawyer, who tells her own story in the article.)

I would like to share with you the story of how I was healed from a hopeless situation in just a few months, and how I reached a state of health and happiness.

Earlier, after a series of medical tests, I had been informed that they found a 6.5-centimeter tumor in my left breast and three 1-centimeter metastatic tumors in my stomach. As soon as I heard the diagnosis I was overcome by panic and fear.
I told the story of what happened to a dear friend of mine, Zsolt Akots, who offered to help me. We sat down and talked for almost 2 hours. As we spoke, he began to open my eyes to a whole new world and to a quantum computer that I had never heard of before. I am well-educated, I have many professional qualifications in addition to my doctorate, but over the past 15 years I had been training only my mind. During a period of intense studying, it’s easy for a person’s emotional intelligence to dwindle, and to pay less attention oneself. The pressure to perform at school and work further digested a large amount of energy.

Decoding the Prevention and Solution of Seemingly Incurable Diseases - Kovács-Magyar András
Zsolt, who has been learning under Andras Kovacs-Magar for years, helped me to realize some things and gave me a book as a gift. The title of the book is Decoding the Prevention and Solution of Seemingly Incurable Diseases. (soon in English)
I had read hundreds of books in my life, and I finished this one in less than a day. Through the book I continuously grew more familiar with the Matrix Drops system which Zsolt had told me about. The first time we spoke about it, he had mentioned a possibility that would give me a chance in the struggle against the tumors.
I would recommend anyone to have this book on their shelf! Read it, study it, and grasp what is in it as I did. It seemed slightly unbelievable at first that only the protocol described in the book would be sufficient for the first step of healing.

I shouldn’t consume gluten, sugar, milk, egg white, corn, soy, food fried in oil, meat from animals treated with hormones… I should measure the place where I sleep and put my bed in a spot free from earth radiation, and a few other seemingly simple things that the Matrix Drops Protocol recommends.

Vízér és Hartmann zóna csomópontja
So I understood and did all that was recommended in a few days. I had an enormous problem, and compared to that, it seemed that I hardly had to do anything in the interest of healing myself. When I told people that I had cancerous tumors, all at once I felt the hitherto unknown wind of death sweep over me. In a moment like this a person is willing to change any former habit. After taking all the necessary steps, Zsolt analyzed me again with the Matrix Drops Computer and I received some Matrix Drops information.
 Matrix Drops Computer
At that time I couldn’t truly define what the Creator’s information was, but I trustingly took the drops, which are free of physical substances and chemicals. Zsolt constantly reiterated that my self-healing power and ability was being activated and strengthened by the Matrix Drops (MD). 
The next medical examination supported the effectiveness of the Matrix Drops. My self-healing power had been perfectly activated. In a period of three weeks, the three tumors in my stomach had dissolved and the 6.5 centimeter breast tumor had shrunk to 3 centimeters.
Although the hospital required it, I also wanted some tangible feedback that my diagnosis had changed, so I went for the periodic ultrasound examination. The doctor couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the results. I was thrilled! I continued taking the MD products and a miracle occurred. After another three weeks of using MD, the specialist confirmed that there were no more tumors in my stomach or my breast! This positive result was just as hard to believe as the bad news about my diagnosis had been a few weeks earlier.
The activation of my self-healing mechanism made the way out of the abyss of my illness possible, and the key was the mysterious Matrix Drops. At this point I fully understood what the Creator’s information was! In just under two months I was set free from my tumorous mutation, however one of Andras Kovacs-Magyar’s films drew my attention to the following: behind every tumor we can find some sort of virus, which “prepares the soil” for the illness. With Matrix Drops, it is possible for our bodies to be freed from the virus. So I continued my showdown with the virus, for which there is no medicine or medical treatment. Perhaps because of medicine’s oppressive tendencies, it further hides the virus from the identifying system. However I came to understand that the Matrix Drops work contrarily to this. They attract the attention of the virus-identifying “gatekeeper” prior to DNA reproduction, which detects and prevents the virus from embedding itself in the DNA. This mysterious and mystical Matrix Drops gemstone information completely changed my perception up to this point. The Matrix Protocol became my lifestyle!
Finally, one more thing to add about my experience:
Zsolt calmed and encouraged me countless times. I was very determined, but still, as I stepped out of the hospital, I experienced that a person becomes endlessly worried after such a diagnosis. Healing however requires psychic tranquility! It is my opinion that reaching this state is one of the most important factors to start the self-healing and recovery process. That’s why I also take Matrix Drops to maintain my psychic balance.
I am grateful to Andras Kovacs-Magyar and his wife, Ildiko Kovacs-Magyar for their tireless research and work over the last decade. In our modern world, besides technological development there exist many opportunities to help us advance in our own development and be reborn in the face of problems. According to my own personal experience, the emerging possibilities under the Matrix Drops name are indispensable to humanity.
From my heart I recommend to everyone – those who want to be healed and those who want to maintain their health alike – that we should take advantage of the possibilities offered by Matrix Drops!
Dr. Szilvia M.
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