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Matrix Drops miracles in the animal world


It is rare to see a farmer that maintains a huge operation with love and a full commitment to each and every animal found in it. We met with a remarkable Irish family to whom we had introduced Kovács-Magyar András´s quantumphysical invention.

Since this initial meeting they experienced the Matrix Drops Protocol’s miracle first hand as well. After a transformational and personal positive change, farmer Kevin decided to give a try with Matrix Drops on his animals.


Írországi kisborjúk


Kevin maintains more than 100 cows in his farm. On average, only ninety make it to the age when cows become fertile and are able to bare calves. Initially Kevin administered the Matrix Drops on those cows expecting calves. "András and Ildikó recommended me three types of Matrix Drops, one for the period the cow is expecting, and one for the birth giving cow, and the other for the period after the birth of the calf", recounted Kevin. 


After Kevin started applying Matrix Drops he observed his cows being more active and alert, while all their calves were born in peace, healthy and without serious complications. At that point he knew that everything would be all right since the first born calves had an easy birth, while with time it became evident that the posterity to follow would have an easy birth as well. All the offspring of cows treated with Matrix Drops stood up and right away started doing the routinary things that calves do, ranging from eating to nursing and being much more active with energetic than usual. Ninety of his cows gave birth to cavles in such a miraculous manner. In the recently past years, cows giving birth had to face many complications during labor, a hard period for every cattle farmer. Nevertheless, a huge change came about to many surprise, when even more remarkably two of Kevin's cows gave birth to twin calves without complication (which is not a usual scenario). 


After these initial results, Kevin decided to continue strengthening his cows’ health. With the help of Matrix Drops he intends to avoid the harmful secondary effects of cattle vaccines and starters (like calf formula).


We would like to share another delightful story with our Dear Readers. A senior citizen woman dutifully purchased between 60-80 chickens to grow them, raise and care for them for her family's consumption to avoid commercial hormon treated poultry. 


Not too long ago, she turned to us for help to save her chickens because many died 

and the remaining few were in a very unstable state, weak and not eating. Since her chickens were housed at a single location, one virus could have killed most of her stand. After having reviewed the facts and consulted with our office personnel, we chose Matrix Drops number 346 to remedy the chickens’ health. During initial treatment of the chickens with Matrix Drops, their initial weight was between 1-1.5 kg. After a two week treatment period, the chicken farmer reported no deaths and births of healthy chick hatchlings who and good appetite.


Within the two week treatment period they gained approximately 0.5 kg. Most of the chickens rapidly reached over 2 kg cutting weight, which was a phenomenally above average performance compared to prior years and even other commercial farms. 


We recommend everybody not only to use the amazing Matrix Drops on themselves and their close relatives, but to treat their favorite pets and plants. 


Article written by: Koczka Marietta - Koczka Mónika - Hrepka István