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 E-book:  The biggest secret: The Truth


History holds countless mysteries for the descendants of humankind.  Facts, findings, untold truths, and half-truths get exposed thanks to the tireless research efforts by the author and through teachings by the spiritual world.  We can become part of this never ending adventure as we gain an understanding of the forces controlling this secretive world.  The first part of the book cites Nobel laureates and their capacities as mediums, and then many peculiar religious and historical facts are evaluated and examined.  Spirit families that lived multiple lives on Earth are introduced and their deeds in the perspective of hundreds and thousands of years are recited. 


Through the introduction of the memoires and evidence of the noble origins of Jesus, we will be able to acquire a new understanding of the past two thousand years.  Long hidden truths about the sacred royal bloodline, the „hidden stream”, as described in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail  , are unveiled from period to period throughout history.


The reader will be introduced to the concealed and modified stories and the true acts of the „blue blood” ascendants, the creators of European history, such as the Celts, the Gauls, the Scythians, or as later referred to as Huns in more recent history.


Most recent research claims that the main and only goal of the Roman Empire had been to annihilate these highly sophisticated civilizations, then rewrite the history of the victims for the benefit of the Empire.  Attila the Hun liberated his brother nations, the Celts, the Gauls from the ruthless control of the Roman Empire.  After the death of Attila, his son, Merovech, guarded his spiritual and material treasures then laid down the foundation of a strong Frankish empire.  The deciphered epic story of the Merovingian’s provides further evidence for that claim.  After seizing power, the Carolings attempted to cover up the concept of the true royal apostle bloodline.  Following the murder of Dagobert II., the ruler dynasty’s fortune is seized by Pepin the Short, and the era of the Merovingian dynasty ends.  This is the time when Pope Zacharias for an enormous amount of sum breaks the age old tradition of appointing apostle blood royalty as king and helps Charlemagne (Charles, The Great) to power. 


This is how the Merovingian fortune ends up in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church through the handiwork of the murderous Pepin, The Short, to establish the Vatican empire as it is known today.  Until that time in history there lived the centuries old tradition of having only descendants of the apostle bloodline as royalty.  It was great honor to marry a Merovingian princess as a way to gain acceptance into the royal circle and legitimize and sanctize their rule on Earth. 


After the killing of the Merovingian, God gifted another apostle family to the earthly existence.  For Emese, a woman from the lineage of Attila the Hun a child is conceived directly from the Holy Father.  His was named Almos (819)  meaning ’saint’ in Latin and whose son, Arpad (845-907), became prince of the Magyars.


Royal families of Europe knew about this mystical miracle and therefore tried to choose apostle bloodline queens from the descendants of the Magyar royal line.  The origins of the ascendants of the two apostle blood nations, the Meroving and the Magyar, can be traced back to the early existence of the Huns and the Holy Father.  Through Emese, the renewing apostle blood nation of Almos and his son Arpad were fundamental in the development of Europe’s secret history after the era of the Celts, Gauls, Scythians, Huns and the Meroving.  The Cathars were annihilated at the hands of the Pope.  This is how he tried to eradicate the Magyar as well. When referring to it as the Tatar campaign, he called in his allies, the Chinese, with enormous armies to accomplish this goal.


This short introduction shall help you understand the original perspective on how Magyars are presented in this book.  Discovering sacred locations and finding empirical evidence and historical facts there by following directions communicated by apostle spirits not only provide strong support for what’s written in this book, but also open up a new way of thinking for us.  It is necessary for a person or for a nation to recognize missteps; otherwise all of us may sink with our false beliefs and distorted illusions.


Children from the apostle bloodline always understood and were masters of the different dimensions.  One way to describe this in a more modern way is to say that they were aware of the model that can be described using the principles of quantum physics and holograms.  They were able to perform miracles using this heavenly knowledge.


Through different eras, illustrious people understanding the mythical had been speaking out about the rules and ways of allowing the heavenly world to speak to us here on Earth.  One of these groups, the Knights Templar (1118-1307) who themselves fought to retain their knowledge were glorious protectors of universal human culture and of those nations disseminating these ideals.  The strengthening of the spiritual Dark Age after the killing of the Templars (1307), the heavenly teachings could only live on in secret protected by mythical kings.  


This book provides detail about the structure of the spirit world, its operation as well as the astral appearance of spirits stuck between the earthly existence and Heaven.  Based on the vast personal experience accumulated through thousands of spiritual phenomena, I provide explanations of events and write about how lingering spirits are assisted so they may they find their way to afterlife. 


The teachings from Heaven through earthly speakers still continue even today.  Once upon a time, through the teachings of Buddha and Jesus, saints communicated the existence of heavenly worlds and dimensions.  Today these teachings are disseminated by using scientists of quantum physics and the hologram models. 


While reading this book, teachings from the Bible will materialize.  Ideas thought to be static will take on new meaning, will become dynamic and will possess creative powers when put in this new light. 


However, knowledge is a double edged sword, which, for one, can be used to enhance people’s state and level of consciousness.  Unfortunately, though, the majority of scientific discoveries stay hidden or they’re used to deceive humanity.  Modern psychology recognizes and is well aware of those methods that will drive people toward self-destruction.  With the help of spiritual teachings as well as through the introduction of a modern quantum physical invention, this book is attempting to show the way out of the biggest labyrinths of our time.  Quantum physics sets out to provide scientific explanation for the spiritual world.  The Matrix Drops invention is capable of pointing out self-destructive codes, thoughts, delusions as well as virtues at a deeply personalized level.  The instrument is capable of detecting spirits, entities attached to or lingering in the immediate vicinity of people.  It is capable of presenting the decisive problem, the life assignment of the moment.  Then with the help of Matrix Drops Quintessences, individuals can recognize adverse forces and be inspired to find a way out of negative thoughts, emotional blocks and relational whirlpools affecting them.  

András Kovács-Magyar



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