Farewell to Jetlag


Thanks to Matrix Drops #915, during our 6-day long trip to Florida from Hungary, we had felt fresh, upbeat and were not affected by the adverse effects of Jetlag.  This allowed me to more effectively build new friendships with colleagues at my company, and, during meetings with members of the executive management of the business, I was able to stay sharp and focused.  To sum it up, we enjoyed every minute of the trip in the exquisite surroundings.

Jetlag viszlát – SOLYMOSI IMRE


Even more remarkable was the fact that after arriving back home, I didn’t fall victim to the way too familiar sudden wave of drowsiness and sleepiness due to the Jetlag effect that’s so common after a transatlantic journey.


Following the advice of Ildikó and András, both my wife and I used up an entire bottle of Matrix Drops #915 in each direction of the trip.  Per the instructions, we started taking the drops in the evening prior to our departure for Florida and continued to take them approximately hourly during the trip until we consumed the entire bottle.  We followed the same regimen on the way back.

From now on, every journey spanning multiple time zones I will embark on equipped with Matrix Drops #915, so I can prevent the unwanted side effect of travel referred to as Jetlag.  Thank you for this great advice and for the simple, yet so effective preventive remedy!

Imre Solymosi