Cancer running in the family – there is still a way out!

Matrix Drops Computer

Our first intention was to buy a Matrix Drops Computer for our family in 2014 because several people in my husband’s family had died of cancer: his father at age 58, his mother at age 56, and my husband’s first wife at age 38.

All three of them had been sleeping above an intersection of a Hartman zone and an underground water vein.

Many wonderful things have happened since we got our own Matrix Drops Computer, and I’d like to highlight a few experiences from the past three months.

Matrix Drops - Muscle cramps
Muscle cramps
My leg was constantly cramping to the point where it woke me up at night because it hurt so badly.

I stretched and massaged my leg but the cramp just wouldn’t go away.

Every day the Matrix Drops Computer consistently showed Cuprum metallicum (copper) information in my system. As soon as I started taking the MD 750 (S.F.L.K.P.) series of drops, my leg cramps immediately dissipated.

Demodex mitesDemodex mites
My husband and I love to go to wellness spas, and we broke out in a rash from the bedsheets at one of the thermal hotels we visited. Because of the Demodex brevis skin mite – a parasite that lives in the sebaceous glands and irritates the pores – both of our faces looked as though we had been stung by stinging nettle.

Once again the Matrix Drops (MD) products helped stimulate and strengthen our body’s self-healing ability. After taking a few bottles of drops our rashes had completely disappeared.

To be on the safe side we continued to take the drops for a determined amount of time because the eggs laid by the parasites could still hatch and the whole infestation process could start again. According to my friends’ experiences, a three-month treatment is enough to permanently get rid of these unpleasant symptoms, the thought of which still horrifies me.

Szilvia Winter, Zenta, Serbia