A child who couldnt speak started talking thanks to Matrix Drops

A mother came into my copy shop with medical papers. We started to talk and the subject of her daughter came up. She was 2 years and 10 months, but she still wasn’t speaking. Her vocabulary consisted of mommy, daddy, grandpa and nothing else.
They sent the little girl for a brain scan to find out what the problem was. I suggested the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) analysis and hoped that we would find a solution. The analysis showed that the child was sleeping above a Hartmann zone and receiving geopathic earth radiation. The computer recommended MD 1501 F drops to help her slowed brain activity due to information disturbances. They got the drops and gave them to the little girl.

Two weeks later I met the mother again and asked if the situation had improved and if the girl was talking more. “Are you kidding?” she replied. “She’s a chatterbox, she talks too much now, constantly. We can hardly bear to listen to her!”
Eniko Corbeanu, Nagykaroly (owner of a Matrix Drops Computer)
Matrix Drops Computer