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The cadmium heavy metal promotes and enhances the replication (multiplying, copying) of the influenza virus. Glutathione (antioxidant) considerably inhibit the replication of the virus. You can read in the following scientific article:

Influenzajárvány - kadmium nehézfém-terheltség a háttérben – Kovács Magyar András
The cadmium contamination of the organization increases the severity of the virus-induced respiratory diseases.

Why do you need to know about this?
The recovery of the information disturbances caused by heavy metals is possible in approximately 3 months at the quantum level. Be prepared for the next flu pandemic!

Heavy metals are the major food source for: viruses, cancer, bacteria, fungi and other parasites. Thus, they are the causers of many other serious diseases. Heavy metals: cadmium, mercury, aluminium, titanium, zinc, germanium, rubidium, arsenic, copper, radium, lead, tin, nickel. They enter the living organism through air pollution, drinking water and food. They directly poison the body, weakening the immune system. Most of them are stored in the bones. These toxins are the trigger of the most severe epidemics, diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease ....
CadmiumThe “liberated spirits” of the metals appear as result of the melted by-products in our environment.
Cadmium accumulates in various organs, kidneys, liver, lungs, testes, bones and blood system. Extremely toxic. It results in oxidative stress that damages DNA, the proteins, and the mitochondria. 
It took a long time for medicine to realize that heavy metal loads cause mental and physical illnesses and could even increase them too. Metals are mainly embeds themselves into the bones, so their detection is seriously difficult. The load is increasing every year and there is still no scientific method to the solution. 
Due to the presence of rapidly and unstoppably spreading pandemics, it has become essential for our research team to find a solution to the serious problem of heavy metal emptyingfrom the body.
The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) which can measure information disturbances caused by heavy metal loads has come to the forefront of attention in international forums, and the Matrix Drops products supports their elimination from the organization.
Heavy metal load information disturbance measurement Nehézfémterhelés információzavar mérés
Proposal! The harmonizing and the informational disturbance eliminating Matrix Drops 754 Cadmium three-month course of treatment, which we support with 2 additional gift: MD 377 immune strength harmonizing pattern. It is recommended to complement the course of treatment with MD 1543 F. Glutathione, MD 11F. Thymulin information. 
The MDC quantum markers, using the method of information sample comparison, well reflect the information disturbances caused by heavy metals in the body. Liquidation of our troubles is almost unthinkable without removing the accumulated heavy metal residues. Practically, all successful therapy of the problems that affect the soul and the body, should include the emptying of metal residues. As long as there are toxic metals in the body, viruses and microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) have a body field in which they can hide themselves. The information disturbances in the body caused by heavy metals cannot be liquidated by: derivatives of chemical origin, chemicals and medicines. 
The list of symptoms related to heavy metals includes virtually all diseases that is known to mankind. To put it simple, the heavy metal loads can cause or contribute to the severity of any disease.
The body’s own immune cells are severely restricted to perform a protective function in those parts of the body where heavy metals are embedded. This makes it even clearer why viruses, bacteria and fungi multiply efficiently in the affected areas. 
Microorganisms and viruses predominate in the most common places of metal storage. It is more significant in the teeth and jaw area, but the other bones, connective tissue and extracellular fluids, the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system are also saturated. In areas loaded with heavy metals, the lymphatic and vascular systems narrows. In the absence of an adequate blood supply, nutrient and oxygen supply were also reduced. All this also promotes the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Metal deposits can trigger inflammatory processes in the joints or digestive system, which can lead to the development of various food allergies. They create abnormal electrical signals, which also increases our sensitivity to electro smog. 
Biochemical consequence: they cause chronic magnesium and zinc deficiency in the body, disrupting the body’s trace element household. MD 1157, MD 751, MD 377 preparations are available for the harmonization at the information level. 
The presence of heavy metals are also found in the background of psycho-emotional traumas. With all of this in mind, by the emptying of heavy metals we could dramatically improve the success in treating virtually any disorder, the MDPI study says.
Knowing all this, what is the biggest problem?
Unfortunately, science, with the tools available today, cannot measure and remove heavy metals from the living organism. Nature science is only able to examine the material world with its space-time dimensions. However, the creative information responsible for the creation of this world, the creative intention - God - has no time dimension. Since science cannot answer the question of how the universe can be created from “nothing” (zero point field) without space and time? 
There is a high chance to kill viruses, super bacteria and stop cancer in the null-point field

Kovács-Magyar András
How did the universe begin?
The answer to this is a supernatural great spirit that exists outside space and time. When problems arise that seemingly unsolvable to the medical, such as the problem of emptying heavy metals, many try to find a solution in the four-dimensional world of matter. Lay people can be deceived, but an experienced person only believes in the facts. Here is a specific case of what happened in the world of Matrix Drops (MD). With the help of Matrix Drops products heavy metals were emptied from the bones of a child who seemed incurable. All this made it possible for the little boy, who was no longer able to walk - one of his femurs was shortened by four centimetres - to regain his healthy size. The child's multidimensional level of consciousness was affected by the MD patterns, the information disturbance disappeared, and this is the result.
The latest problems of our civilization can only be liquidate by the knowledge of the operation of the new dimensions. It is inevitable to compare faith with the new, multidimensional science. Today's four-dimensional science can be a source of conflict, because it deprives the individual from the opportunity to live full, conscious life and enjoy both faith and science. We must learn to accept both worlds. We must unite scientific and spiritual worldviews in order to be able to understand what we can see, but also what is invisible to the naked eye. We need to explore the intellectual path of the two views. If we put our knowledge at the service of humanity, our lives will make sense.

I am constantly working to contribute to the progress of humanity. My spiritual consciousness was undeveloped at first, but as it began to open up, I questioned all my knowledge and decisions so far. Many cultural taboos have tried to hinder my development. As the new information surfaced, they collapsed inside me. Several of my doctor friends said they were taught, “They can’t have emotional contact with their patients”. I'm lucky because I had no one forbid it! The perception of those suffering from the most serious illnesses has shocked me the most, they live in the deep spirituality what they are going through. In fact, I first experienced on myself, and then by several great patients, that with the help of faith, we were able to achieve miraculous healing by finding peace and solace. I have observed in several people who turn to me, the factors that cause their problems may be due to a taboo or their ignorance, which no one likes to talk about. Geopathic rays, spirits trapped here (entities), depravities, poorly entrenched eating habits. Many, because of their cultural traditions, cannot even do anything about their terrible sufferings.

I have decided to examine at the most important issues of human existence from a higher dimension.
Horticulture without chemicals cold-fusion capabilities of living organism

My patients, my disciples, often say that I answer the questions that arise in them even when they have not even been asked. How is this possible? I have a lot of experienced knowledge in my possession, I feel others mental stagnation because I have experienced similar things before. My behaviour, my nature is my information pattern. Today's science excludes the knowledge of the Creator, and thus the knowledge of ourselves. That is why I do not want to create the appearance of scientificness. Many feel their own approach so far are crumbling and their doubts are growing. Doubts are part of the faith the inherent a new spiritual vision. Doubt is an element of faith. A sceptical man, the sceptic questions the dogmas. All this involves struggle. We are revaluating everything we have believed so far. Religion has done a lot of horror. This is a huge obstacle for many people seeking God. God is not a religion! The moral law is hidden deep in our hearts.

Miracle: When something extraordinary happens, they might say it’s just an illusion. If we profess a philosophy that denies the existence of supernatural, we can easily think: illusion. What conclusion we draw from an event depends on the philosophy through which we interpret it. It is necessary to settle the philosophical questions within ourselves. It is timely to change the “believe when I see” attitude to a “I can see if I believe” attitude. Only hypotheses that are supported by recent observations and experiences remain. The phenomena of the world must be included into another system. The newly surfaced theories will cause paradigm shifts. I have always considered intellectual stimuli, ethical challenges, the human factor, and the impressive complexity of the human body. It is a wonderful thing to patricipate in the dimensional change of human thinking. Let's study so more and more of us can be part of it! 
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