Severe thigh bone osteoporosis in childhood – Matrix Drops helped in the recovery

Dr. Eva Kormanyosi’s report on her son’s accidents
The story of my son, Gabor Budai, started with an innocent step.
He was 14 and he broke his thigh bone at home while getting ready for a ski trip. He couldn’t get up so we had to call an ambulance. The head surgeon in the hospital told us that the results of his X-ray and examination were unfortunately very bad. Gabor’s left thigh bone, the part under the femoral neck, a section of about 10 cm long, almost completely disappeared. The structure of the bone was held almost only by the bone cortex. The thigh bone became as fragile as a straw so the inevitable happened, the bone broke.

Severe thigh bone osteoporosis in childhood – Matrix Drops helped in the recovery
In the hospital we consulted with the doctor about our options. His answer was worse than we expected: “The medical science presently does not have a method for replacing the thinning bone fragment and there’s no possibility for regrowth either. The most obvious option is to remove a considerable length of the thinning thigh bone, then bring the two intact parts together and after cohesion, the two parts can be stretched out. But even in the best case scenario, we can only expect a few centimetres result.”
As informed professionals, we haven’t heard of any method that can help our son either.
But somehow we miraculously managed to find Andras Kovacs-Magyar. We were told in the Matrix Drops Center that they already solved similar cases. They managed to help cases of dissolved maxillaries that made impossible any dental treatments. The absorption of maxillaries were discovered on the X-rays as in Gabor’s case.
The recovered patients told us that the dentists were not aware of any available option or effective medication.
So the solution they found was the Matrix Drops cold fusion effect. In six months, while following the Matrix Drops protocol and using the customized Matrix drops, their maxillaries regenerated.
In our case, they did not promise and did not guarantee anything. But the above-mentioned cases of success motivated us to keep going.
Now we know that the causes of osteoporosis are multiple. One of them is the heavy metal overload in the human body. We tried to eliminate everything that we suspected could be the source of the problem.
We found out that there were lots of factors caused by modern lifestyle, like geopathic radiation, diet, acidity and lots more.
First we solved the information disturbances caused by heavy metals, then Gabor took the bone regenerating information drops.
We know from Andras’ teachings that cold fusion is capable of dematerialization, starting an erasing program that deactivates the unwanted elements. In the second phase, the leading information starts the materialization of the necessary elements. In our case, it activated the mineralization of the bone regenerating elements.

The result was a beautiful smile and healthy teeth
Under the hospital’s supervision, after a month, Gabor’s membrane bone knit.
In the second month, the X-rays showed considerable bone fortification. After two and a half months, my son made a full recovery and was discharged from hospital. Gabor’s story continued almost 10 years later at university with another accident. He suffered a bike accident and alongside other injuries, he broke four teeth. He was taken to a dental clinic where he was told that his chances of re -implantation are just 1%. We took that 1% chance and the courier was already on his way with the necessary Matrix Drops information.
The result was a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Gabor’s recovery was again a result of the cold fusion and Andras Kovacs-Magyar’s method.
With thanks and gratitude,
Dr. Eva Kormanyosi